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I found out within the past few days that my HP Pavilion computer needs a motherboard. I'm certainly not going to buy the HP replacement. I have a Windows 7 upgrade package which I have NOT yet installed. My question is: If I change the mboard and use my existing harddrive which is OK will the upgrade package recognize that I've changed the mboard and not install or is the pertinent information all on the drive. I'm thinking if there is a problem it will be in the BIOS. Any help will be appreciated.
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  1. 1) DONT do an upgrade its discusting
    2) what makes you think you need a new board? by the time you need a new board it usually means you need a new rig etc
  2. I posted a thread in the motherboard section and couldn't get a definitive answer. Its cheaper for me to pick up a board than to take the machine to a store for diagnosis. All of my components are OK. Here's the thread: Thanx for the reply. Why do you say an upgrade is disgusting?
  3. Do you have the original key for the previous operating system? That's how Windows 7 upgrade works. As long as that key is valid and has been "activated", you should be good to go.
  4. Yes, I do, thanx. The computer currently isn't operable so I couldn't even attempt to do the upgrade. So the procedure would then be to install the components I have on a new mboard with my existing harddrive and install the upgrade from there?
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    Yup. Just do a normal install. Sometimes, you can avoid putting in the your key during the install and enter it after you've completely installed the OS. That's how I did it and it worked fine.
  6. Thanx again. Its going to take me about a week or two to get on this as I have a few other projects going. I'll report back as soon as I get started.
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