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Read all posts and am thoroughly confused.
Would like to make DVD copies with the Plextor 40/12/40A, Pioneer DVD-ROM 116 on a Asus P4T-E 850 mobo 2.0 g CPU 40 g HDD 7200 rpm, 512 RD-RAMBUS 800 MHz, FSP300 PS.

Tuned into putting Pwr DVD XP and firmware upgrade to DVD-ROM 116, Possibly using FlasKMPEG and DxVid 5.0 or something.

Will using a DVD-R/RW combo drive make any difference or is it required for the task?
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  1. You can make DVD copies with the equipement you have, I recommend the program DVDx for making VCD's. Using MPEG1 instead of Divx or MPEG2 will allow you to play them on most equipment, by producing more than one disk.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  2. Rgr, k, not sure about the DVDx your referring too though.

    Is it non-user friendly as depicted in one of the right-ups about the MP2 to MP4 software applications?

    Is the DVDx all I need to make the VCD's for software?

    Will act on advice.

    Will do more research on subject matter it seems, eh?

    Learning curve has me spinning out at times....;o(

    Ty 4 respawning so quickly and at all.....;O)
  3. It has a lot of expert settings, if you ignore them you can still use it. It's for ripping DVD to SVCD. For copying software I think you can just drag out folders in windows without using additional software.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  4. Rgr, domo....
    You've very helpful, ty.....;o)
    I'll be runnin into ya i'm sure, hope u don't mind....ty
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