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hi , i have a broadband connection , it is a wimax connection , what i have in my place is a receiver at the top of building
and a modem in my room , so if i want to share the internet between two or more desktops / laptops.

what i did is i bought a 5 port D-link switch , but iwas not able to access , so what other configurations are needed for this?....thanks in advance
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  1. What kind of modem are you using, how is it connected to your PC?
    If it is a usb modem then the only way is to share the connection from your pc. You will probably need to manually assign addresses to the connecting PCs also.
    Doing this will cause all traffic to go through your pc and slow down internet for everyone.
  2. If your modem isn't a combination modem/router, then you need a router to allow multiple pc's to access the internet. If your router runs out of ports, you can connect the switch you purchased to the router and use the remaining ports on the switch for pc's. If you get a wireless router, you can enjoy both wired and wireless connections to your pc's and devices.
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