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I just bought the ATI-TV Wonder capture card. I have installed the card, the latest drivers off of ATI's web site for XP and the ATI MutiMedia Center v7.1 software. The first few times i loaded up the TV it was descrambled with wavey lines. Have solved that loadup Bug by installing a great (half fix) from AMD MAN from another post.(thanks man) But the problem still is Half there. Now when i load up the Capture card the video plays fine. But when go to capture the TV picture, the picture becomes descrambled in the viewing box!?! when i turn off the Capture them video on my viewing screen (sometimes) becomes normal again. This is very odd. About 90 percent of the time this happends when i try to capture. The captured film works great but i'd like to watch the show sometime if im captureing. I hope ATI can fix this issue. I tried another program called D Scaler and the capture part is still in construction, but other than that the video quality is a bit better that the ATI Multimedia Center. Was hopeing that someone has a fix for the ATI BUG? or a suggestion on maby getting a new card? Thanks

Windows XP Home
Asus A7V KT 133 Socket A 512 Ram
Geforce 2 GTS 6.13.10 28.32
SoundBlaster Live 5.1
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  1. did you put in the ati capture drivers. the old drivers had the capture driver in them the new drivers have the capture driver separate
  2. So are you saying that i need to install the CD i got with the ATI Card first, then update it from the ATI Site? I haven't installed anything off that CD. Because it has drivers for windows 95 and 98.
    I just installed the drivers from the ATI Site after putting the TV card in. I'm going to Call ATI and see what they have to say about this... If this Card doesn't work properly it's going back. (5 days left) I'm still open to suggestions!!
    One more thing, i was looking at the Viewsonic VB50HRTV TV.( This is an External unit and i was wondering if i can capture the videos off that? i checked the site out but it doesn't specify if you can capture. Those are almost the only cards i can get in town.ATI or the Veiwsonic.
  3. it exist new drivers to download from the ati site.
    MMC7.6 + newest ati xp drivers.

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  4. you have to download ATI Windows XP drivers from the ATI site <A HREF="" target="_new">Here!</A>.

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