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Hi.I'm dual booting windows 7 64bit and windows vista home premium 32bit.When using windows 7 the internet speeds when browsing ,streaming and downloading are significantly slower than when using vista.
I've tried a couple of solutions like disabling autotuning, resetting tcp , disabling kaspersky,running in safe mode, eliminating programs one by one but nothing seems to help.
I've seen in microsoft forums that quite a few people are having this problem with windows 7 but it seems like the answers are not answers at all but more like trying to avoid facing the issue.
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  1. what are u using as a base test? or are you just generalizing and how noticable is the speed difference. o and what browser are you using
  2. hi.I'm not using a base test because it's pretty obvious , I mean streaming is around 3-5 times slower, downloads can sometimes be up to 10 times slower, pages open much slower.I'm using ie8 and firefox on windows 7 and ie7 and firefox on windows vista and both browsers are slow.
  3. that link i just posted deffinatly increased my speed because my rdp to my home computer is much smoother now
  4. No, It's a dsl cable connection.I checked the link but it seems to be a solution to a different problem.
  5. no its a speed issue caused by that new setting in 7 try disabling it
  6. I'll give it a try.This setting is also enabled in vista though by default.
  7. nope, still the same.
  8. kk sry i couldnt help
  9. I had a problem because my Kaspersky AND Windows firewall were running at the same time. Once I disabled Windows Firewall, things were much improved.

    Do you have a software firewall installed other than Windows firewall? Have you disabled Windows firewall? I'd check all of that. Otherwise, possibly find updated drivers from your NIC manufacturer for Windows 7.
  10. ask ur service provider
  11. You may be connected to the wrong network or someone else is on your network using all of your bandwidth , to make this situation as clear you need to talk to your ISP ...........
    After that check your internet speed test through this site whether the speed is high or not.............
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