Wired and Wireless Hair Loss - HELP!

AKA: Wired and Wireless Not Playing Nice (ROUND 2)

I beseech you, oh forum Gods and Network Guru Demigods. Please have pity on me and guide my actions.

I have 2 networks that I'm trying to work with. I have a wired home network that does NOT have internet connectivity as well as a wireless adapter that I use to get to the internet through my neighbor's router.

I use my primary as a home network and can only access the secondary network through a WOK-FI (google it. Amazing stuff) to access my neighbors router (Yes, I have permission) so I can't just put my primary router in repeater mode (That would've made things alot easier). So, now I'm stuck with attempting to share my WOK-FI access with the rest of my house. I have done about 2 weeks of research only to find tons of posts about trying to bond their connections to get faster throughput (not my case). That's how it all started.
Here's the Original, to get you up to speed:

Here's What I'm working with (Current setup):
I do have access to modify network settings on all of the routers from the Cable Modem on down but I'd rather leave the neighbors settings alone, if possible, because she will not be pleased if I screw up her connection to the internet. My direct physical access and network begins from the WNDA3100v2 on Down.

What I'm trying to do is to also use the dedicated XP-box as a file server. Since the XP-box is on the other side of the wndr3300 gets it IP from outside of the WNDR, the XP-box can't be seen from the inside of the 3300.

I've tried putting XP in bridge and ICS mode. I've tried not using the WAN port on the 3300 and going with a straight connection to the LAN ports while turning off DHCP on the 3300 (I have to reset router to access it afterwards. Grrr). I've tried installing a 3rd party DHCP server (Antamedia DHCP) on the XP Box. I've tried running a patch cable from WAN to LAN port of the 3300 (This made the 3300 go nuts). I've tried gluing my hair back after I've ripped it out so many times (it doesn't work). Actually, none of this works the way I want it to.

What I want is for the XP box to be the one main computer that does all the DHCP addressing and file serving. What I want is that the XP box is sharing everything from itself down and only be visible to the Linksys as 1 address given/taken by the WNDA. What I want is the 3300 to not create it's own network and accept all incoming wired and wireless connections and pass them through to the XP box for DHCP addressing. If possible, I'd like to be able to host an FTP server or a Web server on one of the computers end point computers or the XP box. I'll probably have to implement port forwarding to achieve this though. Can these goals be achieved or am I going bald for no good reason?

The current setup does allow for all computers to access the internet and do their own thing.
I hope that I've been thorough enough for everyone seeing this to understand.
I also hope I posted this in the correct forum. I'm wondering if I should have put it in the LAN/WAN sub-catagory.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. what would happen if you assign as a LAN IP on the WNDR3300, disable DHCP on the WNDR3300, and then connect the network cable coming from the XP box to one of the LAN ports of the WNDR3300?
  2. I was about to try it out but then her connection dropped at the Modem level. I'll try again tomorrow. Thanks for being patient with me. I'm currently on a borrowed open connection right now.
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