Why my toshiba laptop can not play any cd/DVD?

why is my Toshiba laptop computer windows 7 can not play any CD or DVD?
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  1. Open device manager and see if the drive is listed in there. Is the drive mfg MASHITA? Try to disable DMA for that drive. Under device manager go to >IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers< then select the controllers. Disable DMA for that drive only if you can.. Reboot and see if that helps
  2. 1. you have not yet accepted the eula for windows media player
    2.you dont have the codec needed to play the .filetype you are trying to use
    3.you are attepting to play burned disc and is a non support disc type

    1.click start and type windows media player in the left hand colum it will populate double click windows media player. check the check box for i accept
    2.download codec for movies and stuff http://www.videolan.org/vlc/
    3.buy an external drive
  3. Check computer to see if the drive appears if it does not it has probably installed high and low filters in the registry which you will have to remove. You can Google to see how to remove those filters.
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