Can someone please help me.

I was trying to shift my PC by about a few cm, it was switched off at the time but still plugged in. I grabbed it from the back & I accidentally slid the Voltage slider to the one that wasn't 230 volts *Doh*

after that, there was a flash of light that came from around the back of the case where the fan was and that was pop of equal decibel ouput to a party popper, with the same amount of smoke coming out afterwards.

Now, have I just Frazzled every single component in my PC , or are all the components safe. OH, & in case you are wandering, this is a spare, but altogether more inferior PC I am using to post his message.

I'd be very grateful for a reply
cheers @:-)
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  1. If the flash came just from the power supply, then only the power supply should be fried. Try replacing the power supply and see if it works.
  2. The flash definiteley came form the rear fan Area. I switched the thing back to 230 volts, I accidentally changed it to 120 (I'm based in the UK). when you say power supply, do you mean the power supply from the Plug, or the power supply inside the PC case?
  3. The power supply in the pc case
  4. if the power supply is where the rear fan is on the case then I should be OK, It is isn't it?(spot the thickie @:-) )

    Can power Supplies be bought individually or do I need to go all out & change the case?
  5. Yes, power supplies may be bought by themselves
  6. Cheers Zoo man @:-) You've been a great help, Now I just have to wait till tommorow to see about a power supply.
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