Limit Login for Windows 2003 - what am I doing wrong?

So, I want to limit the concurrent login my users can have. I have downloaded and installed Limit Login from Microsoft and followed the directions to a T. However, when users login it doesn't do anything. The scripts don't run (I have them listed in the logon and logoff scripts for users in the default domain policy). The scripts are stored in a share that everyone has read access to. What am I doing wrong? I have installed and uninstalled a million times following the MS directions included with the software to the letter, but it won't work. At one time I had it working and then we had some network problems with profiles and it got messed up in that process. Now I'm trying to get it back, but can't. Even uninstalling and reinstalling. Help!
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  1. Why not limit the amount of terminal server/remote desktop connections instead?

    When you configure your GPO login scripts, you have to navigate to the UNC of the script location. Authenticated Users, or Domain Users, should have access to read the script. For ease, you could put the login script at \\domain\netlogon\"YourFolderHere"\"yourscript"

    Otherwise the script is stored in the GPO and can have other issues occur.
  2. I want to limit each user to have only 1 connection. I'm dealing with K-8 students who can't seem to remember to log out or don't think it is important and I want to force them to only be able to use one computer at a time.

    I put my script in \\server\share\ , but I'll change it to netlogon.

    Honestly, this is such a PITB. I've been using roaming profiles so the users see the same stuff no matter where they login. Then I'm told roaming profiles are not good and can cause problems. So now I'm trying to switch to GPOs where the users all get the same stuff and can't change anything and now you tell me that is a problem. Question: is there anything in Windows that isn't a problem?
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