Annoying noise like radio, hear while windows 8 boot load

Few days ago i have a clean install of windows 8 on my Vaio - VPCf23efx/B - and faced with some problem like, Loss of battery care function, smart network, backlite led management and ...

I am not worried about it, because the company informed this before, but one problem that I faced with and couldnt understand why??, is that when turning on and windows 8 boot loader appears after a few turns of load circle!! I hear an adverse sound like radio speaker noise! for a moment (1 sec.) .

Note :

I use Vaio Upgrade tool to install all of my driver and Device manager doesn't detect any undefined driver.

I hear this annoying sound after any turn on process that boot loader appear, Also after sleep and hibernate process.

Pleas Help me.
Thanks a lot
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  1. I suspect. its because your Ethernet card is using full duplex, try going into the card properties and go with half duplex. How's it going Mr Farhang
  2. Please tell me more about it, how can I go with half duplex?
    thank you for answering me ...
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