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my OS. windows 7 with Linux mint virtual machine.I am using helostation polarized antenna 1000mW for Internet connection.I have connection problem virtual machine net work connection Do i have to install helostation driver with virtual machine Linux mint?
but helostation doesn't have the Ubuntu driver.what the solution? some one can help me?
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  1. The virtual machine does NOT need your helostation driver; the virtual machine emulates a standard network card.

    You must make sure the virtual machine software is set up to allow the virtual machines to access the real network, and that Linux Mint recognizes the virtual network card.
  2. I am new user virtual machine setup. your answer I think correct Linux mint not recognizes virtual network card. can you help me how to all setup and more about learn terminal command. thanks.
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    Please note my corrected response, and then post your question in a Linux forum.
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  5. Finally I got wireless network setup virtual machine. but very slow connection speed.then Its windows system working good speed that problem because RTl8187 helostation driver Installed in windows 7 ? for network setting i am very poor knowledge please help me . also I want to learn linux mint terminal commands. thanks.
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