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Hi I just wanted to know a liitle about Satellite internet tecnology. First off dose it use cards like Satellite TV or is it just a box with software. what is needed for it besides the hardware. Do you get tracked in any way. Thanks

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  1. You need a satellite modem so you can connect the satellite to the modem to the computer and you will need a regular modem to connect to the phone line. Since your satellite can't upload, you use your modem (phone line) to upload and satellite to download.

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  2. Satellite:

    Downloads= :smile:

    Uploads= :frown:

    Expense= :eek:

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  3. I personally wouldn't recommend it if technologies like DSL and cable are available to you at approximately the same price.

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  4. They have two-way satellite now, so speeds are decent. Pings are outrageous though. It's also expensive, so I wouldn't bother with it.

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  5. Really? Two-way? Do you have a link?

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  7. I've heard of pings under 500ms, but I don't know if that's isp cached web pages or actual ICMP's. Better than 50k/s downloads though, so for people out in the boonies it's a gawd-send over phone lines.

    But expensive is the common denominator...
  8. No, but a friend of mine had it until recently. You'll have to take my word for it (or not, if you'd rather not). Sorry.

    ejsmith2, I don't see any way you could get <500ms pings with satellite. Remember that it has to go out into space, back down to the ISP, out to the other ISP (perhaps across the planet), to the specific computer, back to the second ISP, back to the first ISP, up into space, and then finally back to you. Half a second is pretty quick for two return trips to space (and potentially a trip around the planet).

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  9. Hi, internet technology is still improving believe it or not. There will be more (hopefully) than just cable and Dsl and that means the standards (i'm praying to god for this) will raise, so that next time I get crap service I won't just have to suck it up but I'll be able to say "I'm taking my business elsewhere!" You might consider fiber optic, although this is probably going to be really expensive. Also, fiber optic lines are hard to repair so if an earthquake hits you'll be paying for it big time.

    Satellite is getting better and better and is supposed to be able to get amazingly fast download speeds in the near future (like 1.5mbps guaranteed) but the problem as always is with latency. Currently our radio signals are just too slow, and if you have two way satellite internet you have to send it up, bounce it off the satellite, have the satellite send data to another location, have that location bounce back up to the satellite, and finally, have it send that to you. That's 4 passes on top of slow signals and that's like adding a sprained ankle to a bad limp. The only reasonable thing I can see it being used for is for people living in developing countries (for access in the near future only) or countryside, and for delivering business software online. As for competitors, there are lots, so you should have no problem with service. Companies no longer have excuses for being lazy and taking advantage of customers.

    People have tried all sorts of crazy configurations for internet, including a plan to have low-altitude planes fly over major metropolitan cities, CONSTANTLY. The plan was to have signals bounce off the belly of the plane. LOL. Read about it in a business computing magazine once.
  10. Gee, wouldn't a helium balloon with a dish on the bottom be a lot cheaper and more reliable?

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  11. Why the need for sat internet???

    Have you thought about GSM / 3G (mobile phone) internet - it's better then from a sat
  13. Maybe the Sat service is cheaper though. If you can get it for $20 and don't have a cellphone already...
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