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I've had my eye on a CoolerMaster 201 case for a while now. I was just wondering, do they make a lot of noise? None of the reviews I've seen so far seems to mention this. Am I at risk of getting a 747-at-take-off? Are there any objective measurments?

Obviously it's a trade-off between noise and heat, but I just wanted to know what to expect.

Sorry if this was asked before. TIA

/ Cain
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  1. hey Cain,

    I dont have a CM case as of yet, im waiting till the p4 2.6 is released and then ill sort it all out, however i have read so many reviews on the Coolermaster range, and agree with you too, i cant recall seeing anything about noise levels, however knowing coolermaster, it shouldnt sound like a 747.

    and even if it does, CM are releasing some "silent fans" later on this year (might be out, i dont know).

    And if your spending this much on a case, then really in all fairness, it should be reasonably quiet. and would have grounds on which to complain.

    Ill have a hunt around again and see if i can find something out

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