Can ping, Wireless connection good, but can't browse

I'm on Windows 7 on the laptop I can't get to google on and am trying to fix, (the 3 other computers in the house work fine on the same wireless connection, and I am sending this message on my Mac) have run ipconfig on the Samsung PC and the ip addresses look ok to me, have checked the gateway is the same on all computers.
Having read various forums on the problem I think the problem may be that I tried to remove Norton Anti Virus after the free period expired, but the Internet security part still shows in the programs and WILL NOT be unistalled from the control panel - again, googling for answers I have found I need to google their website to download something to delete it...but I can't do that because I can't access google on that computer. hijackthis was also suggested, which I can't access for the same reason.

Troubleshooter just says you're already connected to the Internet and it can't identify any issues, but when I click on change adapter settings, there is some issue with the local area connection which says Network cable unplugged Marvell Yukon 88E8040 (it isn't, I've replugged it in several times, all other computers are running fine from the wireless settings). Anyone got any idea what I can do to sort this there a way to override the LAn settings and use the perfectly functioning wireless ones, so that I can get rid of that NAV once and for all?

Any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. Pls someone, I have read lots of links to similar topics but everyone seems to have solved the problem either by getting rid of NAV and I am struggling to do that, or by plugging in their cables which really weren't plugged in - and mine is...
  2. Even when I plug the cable in to the actual computer, so that the LAN and the Wireless are both connected, ipV4 says Internet, ip V6 says no internet.

    I followed these instructions to reset the ip configuration, but no change...even though I've deleted as much of NAV as I can, it is everywhere, on everything...I tried downloading an uninstaller...but couldn't, even when I saved it to a memory stick, it needed an internet connection tow work...I can download windows updates, though, and as I said, ping yahoo etc.

    Still hoping someone out there might be able to advise.
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