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I'm having an issue with my wireless connectivity. FYI my provider is ATT DSL. My internet was working fine a month ago. Out of nowhere, the wireless would only work in and out. I tried to troubleshoot and eventually the wireless didn't work all together. So what I did then was hook up another wireless router (Linksys WRT54G) and still didn't work. When I have the computer connected via ethernet cable to modem internet works. However, once I connect the ethernet cable to the wireless router I can see the network on my laptop and can connect, but when I go to internet options in control panel there is an "X" between the internet and computer. I don't understand why this is happening I've tried several different options. I'm thinking of buying another router and trying it? I've also called ATT several times and sat on the phone for an hour with them trying to figure it out. They say everything is fine. Any thoughts?
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  1. have you tried to configure the Linksys as an AP (Access Point)?
  2. No I have not....Sorry if this is a stupid question but how is that different from a router? why would this work and the router does not?
  3. if the Linksys and the AT&T router use the same IP scheme you will not be able to connect via the Linksys.

    instate of using the Linksys as an AP, change the LAN IP of the Linksys to and see if that will allow you to use it as a router.

    also using the Linksys as a router will prevent you from accessing any device (Network printer, NAS, or file sharing with other computer) connected to the AT&T router. Some programs do not function right behind a double firewall
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