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I have been having problems playing DVD's on my pc. I can play the film and it goes smoothly but then about halfway through the film the computer hangs. I'm using PowerDVD 3 and win98se. My system is as follows:

MSI K7T Pro 2-a
AMD Duron 800MHz
128MB SDRAM Unbranded
Sparkle GeForce2MX (21.83 Sparkle Version Drivers)
Hercules Game Theater XP (4.10 drivers)
16x DVD-ROM (DMA Enabled, not sure of make)
Ricoh 4/4/20 CDRW on same channel

Any suggestions on how to fix this would be greatly apprieciated.


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  1. Hi
    Well i have you installed the latest via chipset driver?
    Amd cpu tend to have random crashing without the via chipset installed. That my experience :-p
  2. Thanks for the reply, I havn't got the latest 4in1's but I have just downloaded them and am going to go and try them (I dont have an internet connection on the PC with the problems) I will reply again if it works!

    Thanks again
  3. Don't forget the AGP Miniport driver. This speeds up the graphics card considerably.

  4. you may also want to consider using Nvidia's Detonator drivers rather than the Sparkle drivers.
  5. I've tried updating drivers (except going to nVidia reference drivers which i'll try now), and it still crashes. After updating the 4in1's it crashed almost straight away and then after rebooting the BIOS complained of a CMOS checksum error so I had to reset the settings. Is there anything (like having AGP 4x enabled) that would affect the playback?
    I have also tried WinDVD however the playback was too slow and jerky so I didn't give it time to crash.

    Any other ideas?


  6. Don't bother with nVidia's drivers above v21.83 (Personally I recommend v15.70). The current driver builds (28.xx) break a lot of games and applications, and in most cases result in a huge performance decrease on most cards other than the GeForce4.
  7. Where can I download specific older drivers? I've found certain ones on the nvidia page but not the 15.70 ones.

  8. VIA game a bad name to Win98SE.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  9. Id the DVD drive set as a primary or slave >> one the secondary channel. Try removing the CD-RW and setting the DVD as a master drive and see what happens.

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