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Philips Seismic Edge problem

Last response: in Components
May 11, 2002 9:24:45 AM

A few days ago I have sent the following message to Philips and Soltek.
Until now I didn't get any answer from any of that companies.
So, any info / help is welcome.


Dear Sirs,
I have bought a Philips Seismic Edge (PSC 705) sound card.
After I have installed the card in the computer, the sound card have NOT been detected by the system.
The sound card does NOT appear in the "PCI Device list..." at the computer start up.
I tested all PCI slots with all BIOS configurations possible.
The MB BIOS version have been updated to the last version available on the Soltek site.
The card is still NOT detected by the system.

I have tested the sound card on other two computers and the sound card is working well.
I have tested other sound cards on my computer and are working well.

I will appreciate any info or advice from you regarding this problem.

Model numbe : Philips Seismic Edge (PSC705)
Computer type, processor speed, and memory available:
- MB - Soltek DRV2 (KT266A, BIOS version 4.1);
- CPU: AMD Athlon 1000 MHz;
- RAM: 256 MB DDR PC2100.
On-screen error information: None !!!
Other hardware connected to your sound card: No other hardware connected to the sound card.

May 13, 2002 5:14:14 PM

The Seismic Edge is garbage. If they don't respond, you might look into getting something else.

<font color=blue>Hi mom!</font color=blue>
May 13, 2002 5:23:21 PM

Thnaks for your reply.
I don't know what to say about this.
I didn't made it work.
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May 21, 2002 11:15:28 AM

Don`t listen to that guy. Seismic Edge is a great card, I own one, my friends too and we are all very satisfied with it. Search some reviews over the net and you will see some more "scientific" opinions.
About your problem.......I think your mainboard is guilty about it and there is nothing you can do but RMA-it. Another wild guess is your SO could be corrupted. What SO do you use? If XP, Universal Plug and Play service started ?

God made Arrakis to prepare the faithfull ones...
May 21, 2002 5:41:04 PM

I also own a Seismic Edge.

The 3D positioning is decent, not great. My GTXP is far better.

EAX is terrible, the effects seem completely random.

Voices in games are absurd, the main sound will be dead quiet, while a TV three blocks away will be unbearably loud (that was in Max Payne, though other games had the same problem).

Sound quality was decent, nothing to write home about.

Drivers? What are drivers? I don't think Philips remembers they actually made this card.

<font color=blue>Hi mom!</font color=blue>
May 22, 2002 6:16:01 AM

Multumesc pentru raspunsul tau.
Mai am un thried deschis in legatura cu acest subiect:

As vrea sa stiu daca tu sau unul dintre prietenii tai au instalat Philips-ul pe o masina cu KT266A.