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I rrecently built a new Intel PC Mobo DZ68BC and installed Windows 7 Ultimate on my SSD and used my HDD as a secondary. Since I installed it in early Feb 2012 it has crashed many times. The latest was last night. Heres what happens. During a reboot the task bar changes and most of the icons are missing. My theme gets lost and I get a rectangular shapped start key. Action center won't work. None of the system recovery data are available, there is nothing in the event log, Windows Securiy center will not start, my internet connection is lost and there are no backup or restore files shown.

This mornig I did a reboot into the safe mode I looked at the device manager and all of my devices were working. I rebooted again and used safe mode with an Internet connection, this brought my ISP back, then I used Norton 360 to do a scan and it found and fixed 101 errors. After this I went into the Control Panel, Admistrative Tools and clicked on System Configuration then I clicked the diagnostic start up radio button and rebooted. I went through the last sequence again but this time I clicked on the Normal Boot buttom rebooted and my system started up with every thing came back tp normal.

I can't explain what happened here but I went through a lot of other steps before to get my system to runnin before. On several ocaasions I got a Bootmgr is Missing Use Ctrl Alt Del. Another time I got something about could not fine files or Missing file.

I'm new to Windows 7 and I'm now worried about it crashing again. I've used my Install disk so many times now it has cracks in the center from pulling it in and out of its case. The last time I used it I finally made a repair disk. But the repair disk is pretty useless if you can't use System Recovery. Since in my case I can't even get into recovery because it says there are no recovery points. But after I get the system to work properly there are dozens of recovery points.

IMO Microsoft is making Windows 8 to correct all the blunders on Win-7. I say bring back XP-Pro, I have not had a crash on it for the past 5 years or so.

If anyone explain why I'm getting all these problems I could use the help. It seems to me that there are a lot of problems with Windows 7 and I hope some of you will get some help from what I've written here.

Go to http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2622803 for help with (BOOTMGR) problems it helped me fix that problem.

Jim :pt1cable:
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  1. I fixed boot MGR missing by Repairing the BCD store by using the Startup Repair option..
  2. I used MS kb/2622803 and fixed it yesterday, but now I'mgetting a read error.
    I don't know what the BCD store is or the startup repair option is, or how to ues either can you point me in the right direction to use them? If needed for future Reference.
    Tks for the post.
  3. Put Windows dvd in disk drive, reboot, go in bios and set dvd as 1st boot device, save and restart.

    Select the repair option.
  4. geekapproved said:
    Put Windows dvd in disk drive, reboot, go in bios and set dvd as 1st boot device, save and restart.

    Select the repair option.

    I think what your trying to point out is you want me to boot from either the Windows install disk or the repair disk, to repair this problem.

    It is not recessary to go into system Bios to do this. All you have to do is have either disk in the DVD drive before starting your system and if you are using the Install Disk, you have to click on the repair option when it comes up.

  5. This probelm is fixed.I used system repair disk and reepeated the repair cycle 5 times and it worked. I sow this idea on MS Answers.
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