Desktop went to sleep mode - Will not boot/post/restart


I fell asleep with my PC on and woke up with it stuck in sleep mode. I performed a hard shut down via holding down the power button for several seconds. Now the pc will not post and my monitor claims no signal. No beeps from the Mobo speaker. I've replaced my cmos battery so far.

Mobo is an asus m3a79-t Deluxe and I've heard some issues of bios not supporting sleep modes?
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  1. did you unplug the power cable from the power supply while removing the cmos battery?
    when you press on the power button do you see any lights on your mobo? if not I'm suspecting a bad power supply
  2. I don't remember - I think I just had the power switched off at the power supply.

    My mobo lights up, fans turn on.
  3. you should get your hands on a spare video card and see if you get signal to the monitor
  4. I've done this and swapped my different gpu's at the available slots. Nada action.
  5. clear cmos
    pull all ram but one stick
  6. Cleared CMOS, pulled ram and installed an older/known good stick and retried - no change.
  7. u need 3 things to boot
    cpu video ram
    you have ruled out the ram next try video
  8. Using an SSD (Corsiar P-series especially) they get "stuck", remove your SSD's and or HDD's, If it's stuck, dont hesitate to get an RMA... although Parted Magic will get you up and running, it's only temporary.... I also had a similar issue with my Logitech G510 causing failed boots, removed it, booted plugged it back in; this was a 1 time phenom :(
  9. I will research it more later - hate to throw away a solid mobo/quad core/8gig 1066mhz ddr2 ram setup. I managed to fix my issue by replacing the mobo/cpu.

    Thanks for helping!
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