Which to hook my laptop up to?

i just bought the netgear n600 which is dual band capapble, should i connect my laptop to the 5 GHz network or the 2.4? does the 5 give me more speed, or anything like that? my brother plays xbox all the time and i know that operates on 2.4 so should i leave it conncected to the 5? does it make any difference at all?
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  1. The difference between 2.4 and 5 is comparable to the difference between AM and FM radio. A 2.4 ghz connection will deliver less bandwidth but is less sensitive to interference such as distance, walls, or Xboxes, the 5 ghz connection will give you more bandwidth, but will not travel as far. So if you're network is a road trip, you would use the 2.4 to listen to Paul Harvey in rural Kentucky and the 5 ghz to rock out on the Jersey Turnpike.

    In other words, if the 5 ghz is reliable, use it.

    For more information look into 802.11 a/b
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