Zippy, the New Illuminated Keyboard

Just read this article and thought I would throw in my 2 cents. I bought this keyboard and had to return it. After 4 days of hard gaming (althought I've never had a problem with a mouse or keyboard before), three of the keys popped up off the board (still connected, sort of part on and part off). I couldn't get them back on properly and playing on them like that was difficult (let alone normal typing). Returning it, CompUSA made me purchase another keyboard or they would charge a restocking fee (thanks CompUSA, charging me for your defective product). I ended up buying a cheep keyboard that works fine for gaming (just no illumination).

The illumination on the zippy was great, and it certainly didn't take up any desk space. But gaming on it felt funny and would have taken some getting use to. I guess I'm used to raised & seperate keys, and these were perfectly flat one right next to the other, and my fingers were kind of swimming over them.

But I would have given it a shot though, because gaming on it at night was cool, and the light matched my case lights. I'm going to want to see someone else test drive an illuminated keyboard before I'm spending that kind of money on another one and end up with the same problem. I didn't get the feeling they were very sturdy. -njrich2

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  1. I'd try one out of it was in the natural keyboard style.

    Like this one
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