HD space gone bye-bye

in my comp it says my HD had 12 gigs used.
(also in the HD properties)
if i select all the files after opening my HD it only shows 3 gig used.
(ive also check by selecting all the main folders and nothing uses over 1gig
most use 300 megs or so there are a total of 6 or 7 main folders on the HD)
all folders are set to see hidden files & folders.

how do i track down what is using the space?
(only software that might try and backup things is norton- the trash is
set to standard in the norton options)
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  1. It depends on what file system you are using on your HDD's partition. You could be wasting space if you are not using NTFS. If you are using FAT32 in a 32k cluster, then you could be wasting space. (I'm assuming that your OS is W2k) You may have to get a program called, <b>"Partition Magic"</b> to change your file system and reclaim wasted space.

    Here is a PDF on <A HREF="http://www.wdc.com/library/legacy/EIDE/fatfile.pdf" target="_new">FAT File System</A> in the simplest form, but very clear. Also, here is some info I posted the other day regarding cluster sizes. Hope this helps.

    <b><font color=red>Default FAT32 cluster sizes:</b></font color=red>

    Partition Size (GB)******Sector Per Cluster******Cluster Size
    0.256 - 8.01****************** 8 **************** 4K
    8.02 - 16.02***************** 16 **************** 8K
    16.03 32.04 ***************** 32 *************** 16K
    > 32.04 ******************** 64 *************** 32K

    <b><font color=blue>Default NTFS Cluster Size:</b></font color=blue>

    Drive Size (MB)******Number of Sectors******Cluster Size
    512 ********************** 1 *************512 bytes
    513 - 1024 (1GB)*************2 ************1024 (1KB)
    1025 - 2048 (2GB)************4 ************2048 (2KB)
    2049 & larger *************** 8 ************4096 (4KB)

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  2. yes im running NTFS(indexing is on).

    i had turned all files to see hidden files but i missed protected, it was norton. it had backed up everything i had deleted 1500 files or so adding up to about 8.5 gigs

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  3. Great! Glad you discovered the hidden backup. Maybe its time to consider an alternative backup drive source, and possible a larger HDD. A backup is good insurance.

    If you have a birthday coming up, you might suggest a new HDD as a gift from you heart-throb. :smile:

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