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Here is the situation. I have a Verizon Fios router and while it offers good Wi-Fi speeds throughout the house, they're just bad outside. I bought a Wi-Fi extender, but the problem is that radio-to-radio doesn't improve speeds. They're still bad and max out at about 5mbps.

Anyway, I figured that I could just buy another Wi-Fi router that I would connect to the Fios one via ethernet cable. I would then get Wi-Fi access outside with speeds being nearly identical to what I get inside (20mbps+). The outisde router would be in a shed, connected to electricity. The problem is that I have a workgroup, where I share all of my files. I want to be able to access it from both routers - the Fios one and the outside one.

So, how would I go about setting up the routers, so that I would be able to acess all of my network files, plus the printer from any device that's connected to either of them.

Thanks in advance for all help.
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