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In the process of building a new computer, I bought a Radeon 8500DV, SB Audigy EX, and the Cambridge Megaworks 510D speakers. Knowing the digital connectivity between the Audigy and the Megaworks, I thought I would be in good shape. However, the 8500DV requires connection to the line in and out of the Audigy in order to have any sound whatsoever, most meaningfully in DVDs and from Digital TV broadcasts. Since the line in jacks are analog, I feel that I will be losing my digital signal before it ever even gets to the audio card. Why is it that this is not a problem with the Radeon 8500, but the AIW Radeon 8500DV (the one aimed at digital connectivity) immediately goes to analog sound. Please help me out.
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  1. for analogic sounds like ati integrated tv tuner sound you have to plug your ati aiw analogic output sound jack to the input line from your sound card.
    to litsen now, this sound to your VCR, you have to plug a jack/RCA sound cable between your sound card line out (jack connector) & your VCR input sound (RCA/RCA).
    now for analogic video, if want to record your tv tuner on your VCR, it just remains to plug your proprietary ati awi video cable to your VCR.

    now when you see a DVD in your comp, it has a digital video & a digital sound (often dolby digital 5.1)
    for example to see your DVD both on your comp but also on your 16/9 TV the connections remains the same because you have to transmit an analogic video signal to your TV. (even if the original video signal is numeric).

    you can stay numeric but you have to record the DVD either directly on your hard disk or on your digitital camera (camescope for instance).

    your sound is originally digital & mostly even dolby digital 5.1.
    but you have on your ATI AIW 8500DV an Dolby® digital stereo audio output (S/PDIF) & the same digital input connector on your sound card.
    you know also that the decoder Dolby Digital AC3 is integrated on your sound card (but never on your video card).

    so here it is the Dolby Digital 5.1 sound connectic:

    plug your ati aiw numeric sound spdif out to your audigy numeric sound spdif in.
    then plug your home theater speakers to your audigy paying attention to plug each speaker to the audigy right sound channel.

    & enjoy full dolby digital 5.1 sound seeing your favorite DVD. :)

    <i>if <b>you know</b> <font color=white>you don't know<font color=black>, the way could be more easy ...
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