How to prevent a drive from showing up on the network?

Hello I have recently installed a new drive that I want to use by myself with out others accessing it, how do I prevent it from showing up on the network It is a sata drive I use the hot plug connection with windows 7 so I can unplug it on the fly, does anyone know how I can prevent others from seeing it.
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  1. Last time you [posted tis qestion, I suggested you took he drive letter away and that would stop it appearing in My Computer. This time, I suggest you hider it using the attrib command in Command Prompt. Open a command form and at the prompt, type attrib /? (including the space) to see what options are available and you'll probably find that typing attrib +H {drive} to hide the drive and then attrib -H next time you want to access it, will do the trick. Don't forget to hide it again after you've finished working.

  2. I think you may have me confused with some one else I have no recollection of posting a question like this, tho thank you for your comment I will try it.

  3. My apologies - confusion is fast becoming my middle name but the previous question was phrased in such a similar manner, I believed it to be form the same person. What IU suggested then as a first possibility was to hide the drive by taking away its drive letter in Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Computer Management>Disk Management. That way it doesn't show in My Computer and would have to be given a letter back every time.

    The safest way, however, is to put the drive in an external caddy annd hide the whole thing until you need it.

  4. Maybe you should open Windows Explorer, right-click the drive, click properties, click the sharing tab, and then click "Do not share this folder" and of course, click apply and Ok.

    Yes, it says Do not share this folder, but if you click on the drive itself, notice everything greys-out meaning the drive is not shared.

  5. Thank you for the replies It dose not matter if I share them or not, the ES file explorer I use on my android shows all drives as well as shared folders and my friend has an Ipad equivalent that does the same thing, I do have the HDD unplugged most of the time I have run sata cables outside my case so It is easy to put internal HDDs on my computer with out any fuss however my friend is often home when I want to access my research and theories, Is there a way to prevent the folders from showing up in the drive I have It encrypted so I cant modify the physical drive it always opens under a new letter and the new letter shows up on my ES file explorer as well.
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