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If this has been asked a million times I apologize but I am having trouble finding the answer.

If I buy/build a new machine, what is the easiest and best way to get the data from my old machine to my new one? I am currently running 98se and will be going to XP home. I am not sure if it is optional in XP, but I will switch to NTFS from my current FAT system. I am most concerned about my word files, a few mp3s, my palm and pocket pc info/progs, quicken and a few game files. I have had this computer (my first) for around 5 years and am dreading the switch to a new one even though I am dying for something much faster (current Gateway PII 233)! Thanks.
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  1. just burn a CD with your data files.

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  2. Windows XP will be able to read FAT32 drives fine.

    As for data transfer, you could burn CDs like mentioned above, or you could attach this drive as a slave and copy it over to the new drive.

    Another option is to ghost the drive, but this includes third party software.

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