Problems adding CD burner

Ok this is strange, but maybe I'm just clueless about my mobo.

Soyo Dragon K7V Plus
Athlon Xp 1700
256 MB Ram DDR 2100
Acer 56x CD-Rom
TDK 32/10/40 CD-RW

When I add the Burner as Master to the secondary IDE channel and set the CD-ROM as slave the computer will not boot. The HD light and the CD-ROM light flash for awhile, but nothing happens afterwards.

I can get the computer to boot if I only connect one device (either the burner or the CD-ROM). I can even get the machine to recongnize both if I go into SETUP and then connect the other one. Tell BIOS to auto detect the device save the settings and go. From that point on things work great I can restart the computer and things work, but if I power it down the next time it comes on the problem shows up again.

Been to all the FAQ's and support sites for all pieces involved and nothing really helps, hopefully you guys know of something.
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  1. Did u try flashing bios w/ an update of some sort? Also what's ur power supply?

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