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this is the problem: trying to install w7. using a sata dvd drive, i get to the install now button, click it , and it says i need cd drivers. i provide a path to the drivers, it finds the file and starts to install. i get the green bar going across about 3 times and then it just locks up and stays like that until reset. if i use my IDE cd it goes further and finds my ide hd. i bought a new wd320gb sata for this installation and that is not found. i try to install sata driver again and the same thing happens. so i could install to ide but not to sata.
abit nfs-sv2
1g ram
amd 2500+
could the problem be with the fact that the sata controller is sata 1?
any ideas anyone?
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  1. Strange in regard to the WD320 not being found. I have 3x WD320 on a RAID stripe and I have no problems installing Win7.
  2. it isn't found because w7 won't let the sata driver install. not the latest, not he original that came with the mb
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    Check the BIOS to see how the drives are configured - ie. AHCI, RAID, or IDE. That might be the problem. They need to be set to AHCI or RAID before doing the install. You can't change this after the OS install very easily without issues. I have a Velociraptor 150, Seagate 750, Seagate 320 and a WD 640 (all SATA 3.0) that all show up fine. I have the BIOS set to RAID but am not currently running anything in RAID yet.
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