What part-time job gives some good IT experience?

Hello everyone,

I am planning to go to college soon as an IT major and I was wondering what part-time job can give me the best experience for IT?

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  1. try to work for an IT consulting firm. Something with >10 employees usually can use some part time help in a pinch.
  2. Try Actiolink.biz
  3. I had gone through the post. Te best Part time that I would like to suggest is that the IT sector has a graspic increase in the case of the new technologies development , increasing widely and also in the case of income for the people. I suggest that the best job to perform as a part time job which may be useful for many of the people, as the requirement is increasing day to day for the IT suppliers. Produce some more attachments for the more detailed view.

    Website Maintenance Services

    Virtualization Implementation Support
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