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Hello. I have a dell inspiron laptop that will not completely shutdown when i have my razer deathadder mouse connected. It shuts down normally if my mouse is not connected. The laptop starts to shutdown then it just goes to blackscreen. The fans are still running plus all the lights are on and i have to hold the power button to fully power it down.
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  1. That is because, the drivers for all Razor devices are poor as hell.
    I have a friend who has the same mouse as you.

    And when he turns his system on the mouse works for about a minuet and then stops working in any Usb port on the system.

    Try a driver update if one exists for the mouse. In the end he binned the mouse and had no problems after that.

    I bet it does not do it if you use another mouse as well, the laptop shutting down fine!.
    Shoddy drivers my friend. The cause.
  2. run cmd.exe as a admin
    then run
    powercfg.exe /energy to generate a report that you can view and see what is blocking the shutdown (or sleep).

    If it is your mouse and they have custom drivers, I would update them.
    It could also be add on software for your mouse that does profiles (non driver)
    and all you have to do is exit that program before you attempt sleep or shutdown.
    It could also be the driver for the USB host controller also. Some systems have two host controllers on the motherboard, some will have them on the monitor also.
    you may find that if you plug in your mouse to a different controller on your motherboard the issue might go away.
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