Could find driver partitions while installing windows 7

Hello. I was installing ubuntu and on my hp and it was successful. But after, windows failed to boot. I tried repairing and it failed. I've tried a clean windows installation but all windows Dvds cant read the partitions. When I reach at where to choose where to install windows, no hard disk partition is seen and I cant proceed. Please help me. I tried installing windows xp but it also failed to reach where to choose partitions.
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  1. I'm not very experiance with linux install but I rember this problem when i installed ubuntu a few years ago. It had somthing to do with the grub bootloader. Basicly if you didn't set it just right when installing it it hoses your windows loads. And I found that it is unesecarily dificult to remove. As long as it's on there you have problem putting windows on. I resolved it by using Dariks boot and nuke to erase the HDD. Once I did that windows disks had no problem installing.

    Other possiblities. In the bios change your sata options around. Try any legacy options or IDE modes not raid or ahci. Also you may have to get the sata chipset drive and put it on a thumb drive. Then when windows 7 loads up and says no drive present. Click load drivers and load the driver from the thumb drive. Windows 7 has many included drivers but somtimes it doens't have the driver for cutom MB and XP definitly does not have drivers for sata drives Period.

    Thats my 2 cents hope its the right change.
  2. You're right lilly. I had to erase the whole disk by installing linux afresh. Since it was running linux at first, I was able to back up my work. Then a fresh windows installation accepted and the partitions were visible. It had a problem with shrinking a primary partition and a logical partition and then trying to combine the two into one partition.
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