Been getting repetitive BSODS lately Battlefield 3

I have had 8 BSODs this past week all while playing Battlefield 3. I am using OEM Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit freshly installed a few weeks ago, after getting a second 6950 for crossfire. All of my drivers are up to date as far as I know. Here is a Perfmon Report, the dump files from the "BSOD Dump & System File Collection app", as well as a BlueScreenView report.
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  1. Does the BSOD problem go away if you're running just a single HD 6950?
    If yes, chief suspect would be a inadequate power supply.
  2. Beyond the PSU, it could be a AMD driver or BF3 issue.

    The bluescreen report didnt seem to narrow it down to anything I recognized.
  3. If it was a PSU issue it would likely happen in a normal benchmark application that supports Crossfire.
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