Cant install windows on new SSD, disk boot failure, insert system disk and press

I had my hard drive die, so I bought a new SSD and windows 7. Put windows 7 disk in cd drive and boot it up, I get the error message, disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter. Went to BIOS, it recognizes the hard drive. CDROM is set to boot first. I can put load a hard drive test disk I made earlier off the CD-Rom drive, so I fairly certain it works. I've run out of things to test, any ideas?

Gigabyte GA-P35C-DS3R motherboard
Crucial M4 CT128M4SSD2 hard drive (SSD)
Sony CD-RW
Intel Core 2 Duo processor
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  1. sounds like its not automatically booting from the cd, try manually booting, press f12 during POST should bring up the boot menu (atleast i think its f12 lol)
  2. No, its trying to boot. In fact, I had an old copy of win xp and that went to install no problem. My new win 7 and old win vista won't work though. That would imply that its a DVD issue. Its strange cause I installed vista when I first built the computer, but that was years ago. I'm now thinking the CD drive is just old and not working properly, so it won't read DVDs but still reads CDs.
  3. Isn't Windows 7 on a DVD?

    Nevermind. Youo caught that.
  4. well its obvious that if the disc drive is cdrom then it won't run a dvd disc. your best bet is to either buy dvd drive (cheap $20). unless you have os on a bootable usb already to go and your mobo supports booting from usb.
  5. to be clear, (cause I mis-stated in the specs), the cd drive is a DVD drive, I used it to install Vista when I built the computer 3-4 years ago. I think its just not functioning properly anymore. I'm gonna give the flash drive install a try and see what happens.
  6. The flash drive install only works if you can copy the DVD to the flash drive, with other tweaks. When it does work, it's AWESOME! Installed Win7Ult in 2 minutes, to first restart.

    So, does the drive read the DVD, and just not boot to it? But how can you check?

    Dirty drive/lens, Bad/scratched DVD?
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