PC won't connect to internet when I start it.

I am using Vista 32 bit and connect to the internet via a Linksys router and have cable modem. When I start my computer, it will not connect to the internet. I have to disconnect and reconnect my network cable and it starts working fine. This is very annoying. Another similar computer is connected to the same router and doesn't have this problem. Any ideas on how to make my computer connect to the internet automatically without having to do this each time I boot up my PC? Thanks

- Nate
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  1. Swapping out another CAT6 cable didn't help. If I click the network icon and use diagnose and repair / reset adapter, that will connect me just as if I physically removed the cable and put it back, but will still not connect automatically when I reboot the PC.
  2. Replaced the NIC. Did not help.
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