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dvd rom

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May 13, 2002 4:30:08 PM

Sorry to sound ignorant, but I know nil about dvd roms other than they play movies, is that the only thing xtra they can do? If I am buying a system to have a cdrw and a cdrom, should I instead buy a dvdrom and sub it in for the cdrom as the dvdrom will play cd's as well as dvd's - is this correct? I would still be able to burn a cd from the dvd drive to the cdrw, correct?


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May 17, 2002 4:59:33 AM

my pioneer 106S handles every type of CD media i can throw at it CD, CD-R, CD-RW as well as dvd's.

think of a dvd drive as a cd-rom drive with an extra laser for reading dvd's :smile:

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May 17, 2002 4:41:33 PM

If I have a 16x/48x dvdrom and a 40x burner - will the speed of the dvdrom limit the speed of the burner if I am burning a cd from the dvdrom?

Also, what is Burnproof?

May 18, 2002 1:43:43 AM

If the burner is 40x and the dvdrom is 16x/48x - wouldn't the dvdrom spin the cd at a faster rate than the burner and thus not be a bottleneck? What is this about the same IDE channel?


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May 18, 2002 4:37:46 PM

The 48x you see on your DVD ROM specs is actually a maximum speed. 99.9% of the time, it does not actually reach that speed, especially when it's reading from certain parts of the CD.
Most motherboards have 2 IDE channels - primary and secondary. Each IDE channel has their own connector on your motherboard. Each IDE channel will have a Master device and a Slave device. If your burner and DVD ROM are on the same IDE channel, meaning that they're connected by the same cable to the same connector on your motherboard, you may encounter problems of having the data flow keep up if you're copying on-the-fly. Only one device on the channel can be accessed at any particular moment.

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May 21, 2002 1:53:52 AM

If I am having a system put together should I have the devices put on separate IDE channels? Any cons to doing so?