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Anyone register with ? you get a free ipod if
you complete the offers asked, its real easy, im got 1st ipod and im
working on my 2nd one, its easy just sign up at check your email and verify your account, then
click on complete offers and sign up for RealRhapsody
, check your email and click the verification email to confirm your
account.then if you wish cancle RealRhapsody and you wont be charged
except for .99 cents. then get 5 friends to do the same thing. and you
get a free ipod delivered to your door with no cost to you, email me if
you have any questions. for proff IM me on AIM blackthug881 or YIM
kingsley_i_2000 and MSN



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notice on the shipping recipet it says Gratis the owners of free ipods

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again to get your free ipod GO TO

http://cellphoneforums.netView this thread:
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    Free spam and lame twats
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