Microsoft Account, windows 8 & logging into skype

I just a new laptop with Windows 8.
When I was setting it I was forced to sign into Micorsoft account and forced to sign into SKYPE with Microsoft account
I don't want to do that I don't usually use skype through Microsoft account and it is causing me synch problems with other skype apps on my other laptop and phone.

I don't used Microsoft Messenger and will not use it..I always used to disable it

I only need Microsoft for updating my windows..that is it and should I have any problems..

How can get out of this Microsoft trap :o
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  1. You can create a 'local account'. Go to 'PC Settings'.
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    control panel ->user accounts and family safety->credential manager
    you can delete any stored web credentials

    You don't have to log into a Microsoft account on windows 8 (except if you want to run Some metro apps or buy from the Microsoft store). If you are only use the desktop you can log into a local account that is validated by your machine.

    you can just log on to a local account (make one via control panel)
    or you can go to PC settings->users then for your account
    select "switch to a local account" option.

    I keep two accounts, a local admin account and the Microsoft account. I generally just log on with my local account and use the desktop. I don't switch my Microsoft account to local because someday I might need to access the metro apps and don't want to have to set up the accounts, pin number, trust relationships and such again.
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