Speed Problem

Hello .
I have a cable lan connection for internet.
i check speedtest.net for the results and it showed...

9mbps download speed and .10 mbps upload speed.

but when i download something i only get 0.45 mbps speed.

Sometimes i get 9mbps but not often.

But speedtest.net always shows my speed to be 9mbps.
So that makes me guess , that there is actually 9 mbps available .

now how do i utilize it...???

Is there something that is blocking it,,?
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  1. An internet connection to a site/server is not a point to point connection. There are many intermediate connections. Your download speed will be representive of the slowest link in the chain. This is beyond anyone's control.
  2. Hey man...i did not understand that...
    But what i am experiencing is weird...

    When i open youtube and play some specific videos....it streams at 9 mbps .....but some videos do not...

    I close it ....

    Open it after a day or two....the same videos again stream at 9 mbps and others do not...

    Why is it so......??

    And if i run any application .... like updating windows ....it gives 9 mbps download speed....

    But others do not...why is it so...

    please someone help me..
  3. Here is an illistration.

    1. Open a command prompt.
    2. type tracert www.youtube.com and press ENTER.

    What you are seeing is the routers your connection needs to pass trhough on it's way to youtube and possibly on it's way back to your computer. You will notice that some are in different cities. If any of these routers is congested or is not performing at it's best, then throughput is effected - I.E. speed slowdown.

    Also, many people watching th same video simultameously may effect it. If your ISP uses burst, you will notice your connection slowing down after the first minute or so of downloading.

    All of these are out of your control.
  4. I understood that....but isnt there any way through which i can bypass that and use the full allocated bandwith...
  5. If you understood, then you would see there is no way. The Internet just doesn't work that way.
  6. Yeah....but that is really annoying me ....as i know that the connection line that i am using is 9mbps but still i m only getting 0.45 mbps...
  7. And if it is going through the same routers then why does most of the short videos and applications do not feel the effect of congestion...why..????
  8. How do you know it's going through the same routers? Youtube has many routers. Also, if your ISP is bursting, download speeds will always drop after a few minutes. You will have to argue this with your ISP.

    You already said that speedtest.net shows you can get 9Mbit, so your connection is good. There's nothing else you can do.
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