Adsl2+ Speeds Need Help Please.

Hello I don't know if im in the right section but I need some help! Please,

I just got my Adsl2+ Internet turned Today as we purchased a Phone and internet Bundle For 149.95 With Unlimited everything and Was wondering IF my Download Speeds and upload speeds were correct for Adsl2+ I done speedtest and here is what i got:

Ping ms: 71

Download Speed: 6.52Mbps

Upload Speed: 0.31Mbps,

I checked and I download at a speed of 550-780kb/s it only hits 750kb/s Rarely i also checked my line to the Exchange and it's:

You are 761 m from BALN as the crow flies.
Estimated cable length of 1217.6 m.
Estimated speed of 19666,

I also live in a Country town Im probably 1 Hour away From My Actual City.
Someone please help me Thank You.
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More about adsl2 speeds please
  1. are you downloading at 550-750kbps or at 550-750KBps?

    6.52mbps = 815KBps - overhead ~ 750KBps
  2. Hey Thanks for the reply Umm yeah

    Like in example i download a 1 Gig Movie it says it'll Take 27-32 Minutes and my speed Goes Arround 550-780kb/s Tops! so yeah is that good? for adsl2+ or is the company giving us crappy internet?

    and also speed test is acting weird it worked the first 3 times now i try it it stays at 0 Than jumps to 3.00Mbps than it stops than 2 seconds later it jumps to 5.00Mbps Can someone please tell me why it does this? It worked before now it's just playing up

    Please someone help me Thanks.
  3. That one doesn't work i don't think, As i Live in Australia.

    And Sorry i got it wrong mine goes 550-780kb/s

    is that good for Adsl2+
  4. it should work for almost anything you can do on the internet.

    I am not sure how much upload speed is required for online gaming
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