DOS doesn't work properly with 80G drive

I can't seem to get past first base with my new system. It's an a7n266 mobo, and I have an 80G IBM hard drive. Using WinME on another system, I created a boot floppy. I boot the new system from this and, using FDISK, I am able to create a single large partition of 78.5G size (thats G measured using the 1024-based 1000s). However, if I try to format this, FORMAT reports the size of the partition as 13G. It's as if 65.5G was bit-wrapped away by some layer of software. Splitting the drive into a 65.5G and 13G partitions works. As a test, I transplanted the drive to another machine and formatted the disk for 80G FAT32, then put it back in, and the Me installation still won't go through because DOS doesn't recognize a valid file system on the C: drive. I've searched Microsoft's site but don't see any info on this problem. All documentation on FAT32 suggests that it's good up to several terabytes. Help! I'm totally at a loss here and I don't want to live with a cut-up drive.
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  1. I have the same problem before. It is a problen of Microsoft's. And it seems to be incorrect display only, it will work properly. Search "64 GB" in Microsoft's Web or go directly to;EN-US;q263045 to see the resolution.

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