Wireless Networking - Windows 7 not letting me see things

Good morning folks,
I have a problem that has been driving me mental for several months now...

Network Setup:
Router: Billion VPGM7404
NAS Unit: Synology 410j
PC 1: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
Notebook 1: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
Notebook 2: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
XBox 360
Lexmark Network Printer: X264dn
2 x Iphone 4

All systems bar the XBox run Kaspersky Small Office Security - (Auto update active)

The network is up and running, all devices can access the internet, and see each other on 10/100 ethernet cables
XBox 360 is connected wirelessly to the NAS unit no issues.

Notebooks 1 & 2 can only see the NAS unit when on ethernet if i use the wireless to connect the units they cannot see anything but themselves.

The network is all on the one work group (WORKGROUP)

The only issue is that when i try to access the server through the wireless there is not communication at all to each other, its like windows or something else is blocking the wireless connection.

Does any one have any ideas? i have tried everything i can to get these to see each other but i end up resorting to a cable.
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  1. what type of network did you set the wireless connection to on the Notebooks? Home, Work, or Public
  2. By default they are set to Home network.

    I quickly swapped it to a business network to see if that was a trigger and i got no difference.
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