Windows 7 64-bit compatability?

Hi all,

I recently bought Battlefield 3 and installed it but had to wait for it to download a monstrous 4.5Gb patch that took 32 hours to download and used up half my cap. If I went to the Programs folder and copied the game folder onto an external hard drive and then formatted and installed the 64-bit W7 version and then copied that BF3 folder back across would the game work? I am extremely reluctant to have to re-download that humongous patch again! The reason I want to switch to 64-bit is so I can install more RAM.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. did you save the patch in the downloads folder on the hard drive?

    short answer is no, you have to re-install from scratch.
  2. Well I didnt download it from a link on a webiste or anything it automatically did it through EA's Origin (It's kind of like Steam). So maybe its in that folder somewhere?
  3. according to this it didn't save to your HD because there is no "stand alone" file, ie separate installer.
    Battlefield 3 PC patches locked to Origin

    you'll need to re-download it. sorry caps suck :( got a friend with unlimited?
  4. Install origin then copy the BF folder back in the way it was before the windows reinstall. When you try to launch the game it will do a short "update" and then be good to go.
  5. When you change from 32 bit to 64 bit, you will have to reinstall your apps in most cases.

    Other things like settings and files can be exported using windows easy transfer and reimported successfully.

    If your install source or update is in a folder, then you might be able to reinstall without downloading again.
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