Fast shut down screen message that I can't read


I'm getting a message when shutting down Windows 7 that only appeares on screen for a second before windows shuts down. I had this problem with another version of windows, but I can't remember what I did to fix it.

I also have to use the F10 key at startup to boot to the HDD with the OS on it.
These two things may be interrelated.

Can anyone tell me how to slow the screen down or pause it so I can read the message.

There may also be a problem in the registry that will not let the OS find and read from the HDD. I'm getting a read error, but can't remember the exact wording.
My OS is on an SSD so all I have to do is hit Enter to startup.

I had a problem with "Bootmgr is missing use Ctrl-Alt-Del" but I fixed that yesterday. Here is the MS bulliten number I used to fix it, if anyone else has a problem with it.
Tanks Jim
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  1. Is the OS hd selected as first boot device in bios?

    Have you tried doing a windows repair by booting to your windows dvd?
  2. Yes, the OS is on my SSD and it is the top drive after a F10 key is used ao all I have to so is press Enter and not look at another drive. But I have a system Imaged Backup on a HDD the I can use it and start up too. System will start from either that HDD or the SSD.

    I don't know how to check the OS startup for errors, but the "Action Center" and/or the Device Manager do not show or report any errors.
  3. I must have recycled through a shut down 10 times now and this screen has not come up again.
    But this hidden screen was intermittant before. When this happened yesterdaay I saw the word background when it came up and I went through all of screen themes and color and backgound to see if I had saved somethink and I have not seen it since.

    I wish I could say its fixed but since I have not seen it or know how to fix it I can't say.


    All I can tell you about this is I've seen two rectangular shaped buttons I think one says CANCEL and the other I'm not sure of. I think I saw the word BACKGROUND but this screen is gone by so fast it's hard to make out anything. I tried to position the Cursor over the Cancel and clicking on it but that has not worked.

    This is really bugging me can some give me any ideas...Thanks
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