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Hiya guys and gals! I recently upgraded my AT&T dsl connection from 3.0Mbps to 18Mbps and I'm ready to fully optimize my network. Some bandwidth intensive programs, such as netflix and youtube, can hog all that bandwidth relatively quickly, so what I want to do is limit/reserve bandwidth to each individual computer on my network so online games and latency-oriented programs still function at an acceptable level. I have my connection running as follows: modem (controls dhcp) --> bridged connection server pc (2 nics) --> router --> every other device on the network. It all works beautifully except my router doesn't have QoS software on it therefore, I can't do the limiting there. Is there any way to use the server pc as a network shaping device, controlling downstream traffic? I've googled and come up with nothing definitive as people don't seem to do this very often. The server is running windows xp and fedora 16, so if you can point me in the direction of any software I'd need, I'd greatly appreciate it! :love:
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  1. what kind of modem are you using?
  2. Standard 2wire AT&T modem/router. Model number 3800HGV-B
  3. the 2wire has QoS build in
  4. The 2wire router only has QoS if I have VoIP, which I do not. Instead of the setup I proposed in the original post, I've revamped my connection to use a DD-WRT modded router that I purchased at the flea market. A $3 router that can do the job of my server is easier than messing with the software implications.
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