anybody have any experience with OCSystem mem.

OCSystem 512MB PC2700 DDR SDRAM, 333MHz, PC2700, CL2/CAS 2,
its selling for $124 right now BUT IS IT ANYGOOD?
IF not does anybody know of A GOOD quality 512mPC2700 cas2 at A resonable price.
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  1. Ok I just found this stick. CORSAIR CMX512-3000C2 512MB DDR 370MHZ PC3000 Cas2

    is this the ONE??? should i just say F. it! and spend the $225ish on it?
    they guar. it at 185mhz in a Asus P4S333 and thats my board so.??

    I have the OCZ 256 pc2700 cas2.5 right now I was planning on adding a 512 to it but. i should just Scrap it right and run the Corsair. Then add a second Corsair later on right?
  2. Corsair > OCZ

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