Backup system to usb flash drive?

I am about to build a new PC, and I want a basic backup of my system as a fresh install of windows 7 including drivers etc.

Would I be able to use a 32Gb USB memory stick to back this onto?
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  1. I had a look at the Backup and Restore tool in the Control panel on my laptop, and it can see my 16Gb usb (and says it needs to be in NTFS format) so I guess I should be able to...
    If not I can probably backup to another HDD and copy the backup files to the USB drive...

    Now it's time to buy a 32Gb drive for my 64-bit pc...
  2. Hi :)

    Although you can copy the files to a USB realise if you get a problem you cannot just copy them back and it work ??

    All the best Brett :)
  3. Quote:
    I want a basic backup of my system as a fresh install of windows 7

    Well, which do you want? A fresh install, or a backup up copy?

    Like brett said, you just can't copy from on PC to another, and expect it to work. There are driver issues, etc.

    And how would you copy from a USB drive without the OS already installed?

    Plus, it is a violation of the Microsoft EULA.

    If you are going to build a new PC, buy a new Windows 7 disk, too.

    Copy all your "important files and data" to the USB, and then to the new rig.
  4. Sorry if I was misleading....

    I pay for all my software, but I wanted a backup of a basic pc to recover my PC in case of viruses etc. so that I can get it going again without having to find all my drivers etc.
    I understand your point about not being able to access the USB drive without installing windows beforehand

    I suppose it is probably easier to just have the latest copy of each driver's install file on a pen drive and the original DVD's of Windows 7 and Photoshop etc set aside so that I can re-install everything properly, as the backup wouldn't have the latest drivers and wouldn't work anyway!

    As for illegal copies, at £70 for a genuine OEM copy of Win7, there is no point in getting a dodgy copy! also Photoshop elements now has most of the features of CS5 for £60!
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