Wireless problems.


I've often used your forums, and you've always solved my problems so now I'll ask again,
this time on behalf of a friend who's having some troubles with his wireless connection.

He's running Windows 7 Ultimate and is having terrible problems with his connection which keeps jumping, cutting him off, just to let him back on for a few minutes. I've been on the same network with my pc, LAN party, also using the wireless net, without all this trouble. I'm using a hella old Belkin receiver, and he was using a couple years old wireless card with a receiver, until yesterday when he decided to buy a brand new one with THREE antennas, thinking that was the problem. It's not. It's still cutting hi off, it would've pretty much been impossible writing here if it wasn't for modern techonology - portable hotspots!
Thinking it might be a virus we scanned with Avast! free, which came up with multiple high risk threats, all being winsxs AMD (I assume) false threats as MBAM hasn't detected anything, and we're going for a run with HijackThis and HitmanPro afterwards.
The PC isn't acting strange otherwise, which makes me think we might be facing a completely different problem here. I am not at all into networking and fixing this kind of stuff, so I need a new approach. What could this possibly be? I've googled everything from here to Valhalla, and I just can't seem to find a solution.

I'll be attaching MBAM, HijackThis and HMP logs as soon as we're done.

(Sorry if this is the wrong section, but it seemed appropriate enough)

Thanks in advance. N&E
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  1. Frequent dropping of connections is usually associated with poor connection quality or interference of electronic devices that conflict the same frequency or the inability of the wireless router to trasnmit connections through thick walls. Try updating the firmware and see if that helps.
  2. kvnt said:
    Thanks in advance. N&E

    Hello, Wrong approach with the virus.
    Try using a WiFi spectrum analyzer.
    Detect the channel of your network and check for other interferences.

    Try moving your network on an unused channel.

    A firmware update in these scenarios seldom helps.

  3. I agree - a report from http://www.xirrus.com/Products/Wi-Fi-Inspector.aspx will be far more valuable than one from HJT.

    It's also worth checking that the broadcasting and receiving channels match or are at least set to automatic or roaming.

  4. Better yet, if you have a smartphone download the analyzer app. No cost.
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