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hi there. my computer directly conected to the internet and i access the internet and no problem.
but i have a problem with yahoo messenger when i enter my id and password and then press sign in it gives me a problem and said chek your internet conection but theres no problem with internet conection. what can i do please help me.
i enter a user and pass adsl on to my modem adsl.
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  1. First off try and make sure you can sign in to yahoo servers, they have a web based version of the yahoo messenger which just uses your browser:

    If it works here, then you know your user/pass are correct and we then need to start looking for a "Deny/Block" rule in a firewall that may have accidentally enabled.

    What version of windows are you using
    What model of Router are you using
    Whats the model of your DSL modem? (Is your DSL modem also your Router?)
  2. Hi there. yes i can sign in to yahoo messenger in web site. and no problem with my id, i turn off firewall in windows and my anti virus protection nod32.
    i install win xp sp3. my modem is tp-link td-8811
    maybe its a router!
  3. So your DSL modem is also your router, Look in the Config of your router, it does support "DMZ" which would basically open up that device to all internet traffic, nothing is blocked/filtered. Give that a shot or if you can hook up to another internet connection (Laptop maybe?) or if your dealing with a desktop probably not so doable
  4. thanks any way
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