ACER WINDOW 7 mini Laptop failure

My laptop acer window 7 mini laptop use to hang. Sometimes it hangs while booting,sometimes when it has finish booting,sometimes while am working or trying to save a document.
Whenever it does that i will short down through the start up button then switch it on again. The system will then give options of choosing repair my computer automatically or start window normal. Most often it still hangs even while i chose repair automatically,the same goes to start window normal. Sometimes it will start working again and then stop any time it chooses.
Please what do i d?
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  1. Boot into the BIOS options, see if there is a drive check utility you can run from there. If not, there may be a drive check software from ACER you can run, either already installed or form their web site.

    If that tests out OK, do a clean setup of WIndows using the restore partition, but first backup your files and settings, Favorites, Desktop, etc... as they will be wiped when you do a restore.

    If that also causes issues, trying a new RAM stick would be a good next move.
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