Repeated blue screen of death - can't be reproduced outside of home


I have a quad core PC which had been working wonderfully for some months after getting it built by a well known company. A while after, it started to get "blue screen of death" regularly! I took it to a different company that eventually diagnosed one of the internal memory modules as being at fault, and subsequently removed it. The PC was fine for about 8 months, but then started to get further BSOD problems.

I took the PC back to the company that originally diagnosed the memory problem, and they have been unable to reproduce the problem. They had the PC for a week, performed various tests (memory, hard disk, loading CPU, streaming video, etc) but could not produce the problem at all - no BSOD's.

About 6 hours after having it back at home, the PC Blue-Screened! And continued to blue-screen. Time and time again, various blue screen problems would occur (but they are, or so I am told, totally random, rather than pointing to any particular problem).

I took photos of the bsod's, gave the PC back to the company, and they had it for a further 2 weeks, but still could not reproduce the problem. After getting it home, within 5 hours or so it had blue-screen'd again!

I've also taken it to a different company, and they also are unable to reproduce the fault.

Each company has had all of the peripherals (so the setup is exactly the same). No additional peripherals have been added at any time (such as ipods, etc).

The PC will blue-screen for no apparent reason (i.e. it doesn't matter what you're doing, it will randomly crash) - could be just sitting there with no particular apps running (literally, start it up, leave it for 5 minutes.. BSOD!) Could be running music creation software. Could be streaming video from the net. Could be typing into notepad!

Its been checked and rechecked for viruses (by myself, and both companies) - and none have been found.

If anyone has any idea about what might be causing the problem, and why it only occurs at home, I'd greatly appreciate it. I mean, could it be a driver issue if its fine outside of the home, but BSOD's in the home!?

CoreTemp utility shows working within parameters.
Makes no difference whether I use a surge protector or not - same problem.
Other pc's and laptops are not affected in any way - regardless of surge protector or not.
(Someone mentioned "dirty energy" - but then other equipment would suffer perhaps?)
The companies in question are reputable local companies with good reputation - whose sole purpose is to repair computer problems.

(My apologies if this is in the wrong category).

Many thanks,

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  1. It could very easily be caused by an electrical imbalance.

    It could be your surge protector/power strip, your PC power cord or the outlet in general. Change one at a time, or various combinations of changes, and see what happens.
  2. interesting... have you tired using different outlet at home, maybe in another room... how many joules does your surge protector provide?... how many items are sharing the same outlet or surge protector? Is a printer hooked up on the same surge... printers hog up a lot of power when printing.
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